Regionals Recap

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buy zithromax from canada Regionals was this past Saturday, and man it was a long day. Being up for 30 plus hours is far from ideal especially when you are doing anything mentally taxing. However our team was ready and we endured the 9 rounds ahead of us. As I mentioned in my last article, I talked about my deck choice being Arclight red. For those who didn’t read it, this is the list I submitted

Creatures (12)
Arclight Phoenix
Monastery Swiftspear
Bedlam Reveler

Spells (30)
Faithless Looting
Fiery Temper
Flame Jab
Lava Spike
Lightning Bolt
Rift Bolt
Needle Drop
Tormenting Voice
Lands (18)
18 Mountain

Sideboard (15)
Anger of the Gods
Molten Rain
Risk Factor
Shrine of Burning Rage
Shattering Spree
Gut Shot
Tormod’s Crypt

imodium quanto costa I added the much needed Risk Factor to the side, dropping a copy of Gut Shot. With pairing posted, I began my day all the way down at table 106.

Round 1: Grixis control

This match up felt like a worst U/W. The most proactive thing he was doing was Collective Brutality numerous times. However he failed to add a clock to the board and I beat him rather painlessly.


Round 2: Infect

My opponent wins the die roll and starts of with Breeding Pool, Glistener Elf pass. I immediately bolt it and my opponent fails to follow up with anything. Game 2 he barely squeaks out the win and game 3 see’s him trying to line Spellskite up and not create a board and lose.


Round 3: Infect

Game one starts pretty much the same except I didn’t have the removal to stop his creatures. However games 2-3 see a turn one Monastery Swiftspear and out race him.


Round 4: Jeskai Cat

Game 1 was a close game of burn to him, however a turn 2 Wall of Omens slowed my clock down just enough to allow him to close the game. Game 2 I keep a one lander and never see a second. I get combo-ed.


Round 5: Scapeshift

Game 1 I’m able to burn him just in time before he can get Primeval Titan going. Game 2 he has the turn 1 relic, however Monastery Swiftspear racks up the damage. I proceed to Molten Rain a Stomping Ground. He taps out for a Bloodbraid Elf, which gives me the Opportunity to get Arclight Phoenix online and end the game on the spot.


Round 6: Storm

Game 1 I was on the draw and turn 2 double Arclight Phoenix him to 9, and he proceeds to play Baral, Chief of Compliance  and kill me. Game 2 he basically does the same.


Round 7: Jund Death Shadow

Game 1 He has double Tarmogoyf and fires off a Temur Battle rage for the kill. Game 2 he got stuck on 1 land and I capitalize on it. Game 3 see’s me having the only way to win being a Faithless Looting into a land, I find it plus a Fiery Temper followed by a Lightning Bolt to bring Arclight Phoenix back for the win.


Round 8: Spirits

He makes a very predominant board, even Phantasmal Imageing my Bedlam Reveler. I go for a Faithless Looting into his Collected Company, Fails to find a Spell Queller and I Fiery Temper him to lethal. Game 2 Saw me coming out of the gates fast with Monastery Swiftspear into a second. By turn three I managed to cast 4 spells and bring back 2 Arclight Phoenix to represent lethal. He Path to Exiles one of the Phoenix’s and dies to a bolt off the top.


Last Round: Affinity

He builds a large board I can’t punch through and win’s with Arcbound Ravager. I realized later I should have answered the Ravager early on. Game 2, I’m Able to assemble Arclight Phoenixs and kill him. Game 3 he has the nuts and all ins the Ravager for the win.


Overall giving me a 6-3 record, good enough for 29th out of 170ish. I definitely need more experience with the deck but 6-3 with a deck I’ve only played 2 times prior speaks about how good the deck is. Going forward, I will most likely keep playing the deck while making some tweaks here and there. I personally want to thank everyone on The Manateem. Without you guys I would not be able to play at the level I can.

Moving forward I would like to dedicate Monday articles to interesting things going on in Modern, especially when new sets are on the horizon. Look forward for some fun things to come.

Thanks for reading as always.

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