Lighting up Regionals

where to buy clomid uk With regionals right around the corner, I figured I would give a quick recap of last Monday, my deck choice for regionals, and the tweaks I’m making for the metagame. I began the event paired up against U/W control. I won the match fairly quickly 2-0 and I stand by that this is a favorable matchup. Round 2 I got paired against some abzan creature deck. It failed to have great interaction which allowed me the 2-1 over it. I then played against storm and this is where the wheels fell off. He proceeded to sweep me quickly with some great draws. 0-2. The last round I got paired against B/W taxes. Game one was easy but the last two he ended up taking them, leaving me with an overall record of 2-2. So what happened? Well to start I see why Tormod’s Crypt is better than Surgical Extraction. Being able to leave a answer for the entire graveyard seems better than hoping to hit a specific card. I also feel that I didn’t mulligan aggressively enough for the storm match up.  As far as the taxes deck, the real menace was Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Bottle-necking mana was very useful in slowing me down, though hopefully I won’t be seeing much of her at the event. For the taxes match up I feel I also made the error of over side boarding. When I would dig through my deck, it felt clunky due to the cards I had brought in, disrupting the flow of the deck.

Our site For the event, this is the list I am going with.

Creatures (12)
Arclight Phoenix
Monastery Swiftspear
Bedlam Reveler

Spells (30)
Faithless Looting
Fiery Temper
Flame Jab
Lava Spike
Lightning Bolt
Rift Bolt
Needle Drop
Tormenting Voice
Lands (18)
18 Mountains

Sideboard (15)
Anger of the Gods
Molten Rain
Shrine of Burning Rage
Shattering Spree
Gut Shot
Tormod’s Crypt

With Hardened Scales Affinity on the rise as well as KCI, I decided to add in Shattering Spree. I feel comfortable going down a Shrine of Burning Rage with the decline in control. If I can find a Risk Factor I will replace a Gut Shot with that. I’ve toyed with the idea of swapping Anger of the Gods with Sweltering Suns due to the exile clause being terrible for our [C]Arclight Phoenix[/c]. The ability to cycle as well is nice, however with dredge on the uptick I’d rather stay with a stock list for now.

As of writing this, I’m just finishing one shift and will have my evening job before heading straight to the event. I’m expecting the format to be a little hostile towards the graveyard but hopefully the deck is just aggressive enough to still get there. I will try to get a tournament report up on Monday so look out for that. Wish me and everyone who could make it from The Manateem good luck, and thanks for reading.


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