Arclight Red in Modern

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buy Clomiphene paypal Hey everyone, My name is Cody and this is my first article on Typical I try/ play decks that don’t always work but with regionals on the horizon, I’d figure i’d play a “real” deck. I actually came across this list after ordering some Arclight Phoenix‘s before the list came out. Initially I was a little skeptical of how good it would be but decided to run it anyway.
The list I ran looked something like this.

Lands (18)
18 x Mountain

Creatures (8)
x Arclight Phoenix
x Bedlam Reveler

Spells (34)
x Faithless Looting
x Fiery Temper
x Flame Jab
x Lava Spike
x Lightning Bolt
x Manamorphose
x Monastery Swiftspear
x Needle Drop
x Rift Bolt
x Tormenting Voice
Sideboard (15)
x Anger of the Gods
x Dragon's Claw
x Molten Rain
x Risk Factor
x Shrine of Burning Rage
x Tormod's Crypt The only changes I made were to the sideboard.
-2 dragon’s claw
-2 risk factor
-4 tormod’s crypt
+ 1 Abrade
+ 2 Noxious Revival
+1 Shrine of Burning rage
+4 Surgical Extraction The only reason for not having the risk factor was simple: didn’t have any. However I preferred to have surgical over crypt because of being an instant is relevant.
After sleeving it up, I got ready to play 3 rounds with it, without any practice. I won’t go over every detail of the matches but they were definitely some great games. Round one had me paired against U/R wizards. This match up felt good due to our multiple burn spells. I won 2-0
Round two had me paired against U/W control. This matchup felt great, as our deck was just very aggressive. The sideboarding went as:
-1 tormenting voice
-1 Needle drop
-1 Arclight Phoenix
+3 Shrine of burning rage
He managed to get game two, but feel short in game 3 with a mull to 5.

The final match was against another U/W control. Game one was fairly similar but the sideboading was different.
Game two he had a slow start in which I took advantage of which lead to a 2-0 finish for me.
This deck felt great for the matchups I had. It feels alot like burn but with alot of card draw with looting, needle drop, reveler, and manamorphose. It often felt like we had a better density of cards than the other decks. Also Arclight Phoenix felt absolutely great. I even found myself casting it a few times.
As far as changes, I would only change the revivals for gut shot, as it seems more fitting. I can’t wait to play more games with the deck to see if it truly is this good. Stay tuned as I intend to post every Monday and Friday.
Have a good one.

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